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Several students attending Northern Illinois University began to explore the idea of joining Greek Life. Although there were Greeks at NIU, no Greek organizations on-campus catered to a Pan-American Multi-Cultural community that embraced culture, individualism, leadership and teamwork for their professional development. They were compelled by the importance of Greek Life in enhancing the university life experience. In the fall of 1998, these individuals commenced their journey in founding a Brotherhood and Sisterhood that catered to Pan-American Multi-Cultural Professionals focusing on teamwork, leadership, individualism, culture, higher education and community enhancement through community service.

On November 24, 1998, Delta Psi Alpha was founded at Northern Illinois University.

In the fall of 1999, one of the founding members of Alpha Chapter transferred and attended Southern Illinois University - Carbondale where students interested in expanding onto the university approached him. On the November 18, 1999, the Beta Chapter was founded and the journey continued.

Why a Pan-American culture and fraternal association?

The Pan-American Continent (North, Central, and South America(s) also known as the new world has gone through a historical change, evolution, cross culturing, and diversity since its colonization. The global community influenced education, government, politics, religion, values, music, art, food, and science onto the indigenous communities of the Americas. Today, the people of the Pan-American Continent are descendants of Indigenous or Native American(s), Iberian, Hispanic, Spanish, Chinese, Caucasian, African, French, Britannic, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindu, and many other global communities. As new generations are born on the Pan-American Continent, our diverse community becomes acclimated to a vision, dream, and a prosperous future and become one heterogeneous community. Understanding this diversity, new culture trends, and cultural sensitivity will help in developing successful team players, leaders, and individuals. Delta Psi Alpha believes globalization started on this continent through the embracing of the diverse communities. A Fraternal Association of Pan-American Professionals will assist in fostering and advocating Pan-American cultural awareness, diverse workforce comprised of different genders, and ethnic groups, Corporate America, and technological trends.